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Accidents happen. However, you have rights and should not be financially impacted from something that is not your fault. Getting the compensation you deserve requires specialist attorneys fighting your corner. Here at compensation source we fight your corner to ensure you get what is rightfully yours.

About Compensation Source

Compensation source, is a new initiative from a group of specialist attorneys in different areas of claims management. 

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Specialist Practice Areas

We speclialize in getting workers compensation as well as accident compenation. For other legal matters, we have recommended sources for the best outcome for you case.


Workers Compensation

Injured in the workplace? It's your right as an employee to be provided a safe working environment. We challenge employers failing to provide these services to compensate for injuries that occur.


Road Traffic Accidents

RTAs can be a stressful time as they can impact your ability to live your regular life. If you have been injured in a road traffic accident or hit by an uninsured driver, we help you to get the compensation you deserve.


Personal Injury

If you have sustained an injury that you feel should not of happened then get in touch. We will guide you through the routes to gaining compensation for injuries that simply should not of happened.

Why Choose Us

We are well aware that you have a lot of choice from a lot of good attorneys. However, our success records and customer satisfaction levels speak for themselves.

Mismanaged cases generally fail. We approach our cases in a process led manner. Always respectful of all parties but forceful enough to get the outcome you want.

There is no hiding it, legal fees are expensive. However, we give you your initial consultation for free. If we feel your case is right for us, we recover our fees from the defendant so you are not left with legal fees you may not be able to cover.


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What Our Clients Have To Say

I was injured at work when an unstable platform collapsed. Compensation source helped me regain my financial losses from not being able to work.

Nicolas Jones
United States

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If you believe you have a case that needs answering then get in touch through the email address below or via our contact us page.


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